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Peter Pan was a part of the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park's Summer Performance Academy for young actors ages 3rd grade to 10th grade. Students' work was incorporated into the production including the puppets they designed: shadow boxes to represent flight, Tinker Bell, and the Crocodile. All the puppets were student created and manipulated. 

Photo Credits: Mikki Schaffner.


Pinocchio was a collaboration with Karen Kaufman, the Dixon High School Theatre Program and VIVA Performing Arts. Pinocchio was directed in the style of commedia dell'arte. The students spent the first few rehearsals learning the style of commedia performance including workshops on the walks, language, and stock characters. The frames were used in the set to represent the original Punch and Judy style of puppetry, except the student were the puppets. Pinocchio was intended for young audiences. 


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