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I write work that dives deeper into moments in between our biggest life events. 

I strive to write work that is not polite, but is messy and inspires conversations around uncomfortable, relevant conversations.

I strive to write work for female idetifying audiences and artists. 

I strive to write work that is more than just produceable. 

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The A-List

Ruth and Corey Giles are living the relatively comfortable lives of two young professionals when the consequences of a recent presidential election forces them come to terms with an intimate secret from Ruth’s past. Opening and subsequently interspersed through the play is a recording of a hearing held by the Select Committee of Abortion and Fetal Rights happening in the near future. Ruth is called to appear in front of Congress to testify about her abortion as a young twenty something.

2w, 1m, 1 male voice

several hundred-year-old southern live o

The play takes place over a series of three cigarette breaks during a family holiday visit. 
Romance writer, Shane and her husband, Will have traveled to Will’s childhood home in Southern Louisiana. Shane wasn’t prepared for the culture shock or the change in her husband’s character upon crossing the Mason Dixon line. Immediately, she feels stifled but does her best to remain loyal and calm. She seeks her solace in smoking, a long-time habit and a dangerous affair with a member of Will's family.

2 m, 1 w

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